The Pilates Bridezilla Speaks!

Tim and I

Tim and I

By Kristin McGee

I never would have imagined I’d meet the man of my dreams while teaching Pilates. In April 2007, I was in Sun Valley, Idaho (the ski town near where I grew up), for Easter weekend and to do some spring skiing. It just so happened one of my East Coast clients has a home there as well, and she asked if I could do some yoga and Pilates privates with her apres-ski.

In the middle of our second session, Teresa jumps up and screams out, “Tim O’Shea! I said, “Tim O’huh?” I thought maybe the ab series had got her delirious or something. She says again, “Tim O’Shea. He was just here in Sun Valley skiing for a month. He is perfect for you, and you are perfect for him. You have to meet him. He will love you. I am calling him right now.”

Before I even knew what was happening, I got a phone call later that evening from Tim, who said his best friend’s mother had left a voicemail on his home fax machine phone (which he hasn’t had a call on in ages) instructing him to call me. He was as nonplussed as I was, but we both were very intrigued by the entire scenario. Tim was living in Boston, and he said he’d come to New York and take me out when I came back from Idaho.

He came in on a Monday evening, and we went to dinner at The Spotted Pig (thank goodness I’m not a vegetarian) in the far West Village of New York and talked the entire evening. The next time he came in to the city, he took me to Raoul’s (the best steak frites in all of NY….once again, thank goodness I’m not a vegetarian), and he kissed me good-night that evening. Well, the rest is history (at least, among the McGees and O’Sheas). We continued long-distance dating—lots of fung wah $15 bus rides from NY to Boston and vice versa—and just this past December while we were both out skiing in Sun Valley, he popped the question on the chairlift of all places.

Pilates led me to Tim in a roundabout way, but I think Pilates has and always will continue to keep leading me back to myself and my true center. It keeps me grounded, focused, centered, lengthened, lighter, stronger, more confident and constantly aiming for a deeper understanding of myself—and of life. I’m counting on Pilates to not only get me in tiptop physical shape. Goodness knows I need a scooped-in belly, nice posture, lifted derriere and toned arms for whichever dress I end up choosing…I’ll need all of your help with that, so please send me suggestions and leads I know I can also count on Pilates to keep me calm, cool and collected to deal with whatever comes my way as I get ready for my big day. [Editor’s note: Kristin: if you got married TODAY you’d have the perfect Pilates bod!]

We’ve set the date, December 19, 2009, in Sun Valley (of course), and we’ll be getting married in the clubhouse of the-brand new Golf Lodge, which has breathtaking views of Mt. Baldy. After the ceremony, everyone will be shuttled over to the River Run Lodge at the base of the mountain, where we’ll have our reception. I’m excited for you to help me along, and I’ll share with you all the details of my Pilates practice, dress hunting, invitation sending and beauty regime. I’ll do my best to maintain the Pilates contrology and not actually turn into Bridezilla. So far so good. Tim cannot get over how relaxed I am as a bride to be. Of course, only time will tell.


Kristin McGee—soon to be O’Shea

6 Responses to The Pilates Bridezilla Speaks!

  1. What a truly romantic story…thank you for sharing…its all so exciting and no doubt that you will look beautiful and no need to worry about your figure!! Any beauty regime assistance happy to help 🙂
    We just have to try and get there!
    I have been doing lots of Pilates recently and its helping me so much to realign my posture. As always you and your DVD’s continue to inspire.
    Thank you xoxo

  2. Kristen,

    I am so happy for you, this is fantastic!!! Remember me, you came to my office in the Empire State to talk about retreats in Costa Rica!!! Oh yes you say — well we have moved to New Hampshire, I have beautiful son namee Guillermo. Congrats — everything will go fine for you!!! Make lists, stay organized and have fun with it — I planned a big wedding and had about 70 people from the states down to Costa Rica — it really was a breeze — take advantage of the location you are having your event, anything that is a part of their package — make sure they do it. A man from Boston — not bad, great city, that is where I grew up.
    Smile, Alice……

  3. Tina says:

    Hi Kristin 🙂 I am SO happy for you!! You’re much too sweet to ever become a Bridezilla! I wish you and Tim all the best of health and happiness. 🙂 He’s a lucky guy – you are just awesome!
    XOXO Tina 🙂

  4. ana says:

    congratulations i love ur story ,u just enjoy it and enjoy it.

  5. Your story gives me hope! I am single and teach Pilates as well, and don’t meet a lot of men. It would be great if Pilates could bring me to my future husband.

  6. chair Perth says:

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