Thanks for your support!

After only three weeks, we’ve amassed over 1,000 followers on twitter, gotten hundreds of hits on our blog and gained tons of support from fans on facebook! We’re so glad to get connected with the Pilates community and hope that you guys keep the feedback coming!


-The Pilates Style team


One Response to Thanks for your support!

  1. Robyn Wimmer says:

    Sure wish someone at your magazine would figure out how to send magazines to those of us who have PAID for our subscriptions but haven’t received them for MONTHS, apparently due to a “problem” with distribution. The circulation manager, George, does not return calls and no one has responded to my numerous emails I’ve sent. In the meantime, I’m buying my monthly magazines off the newstand so PS is making TWICE the amount of $$ from me. Yes, I could get the magazine online but I prefer hard copies and thought that’s what I paid for. It’s a great magazine but I’m really disgusted by the lack of customer service and have told all of my classes not to bother subscribing.

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