Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Seconds!

By Jennifer Farthing and Tracy Campoli

“Sit up straight!” Do you remember that constant reminder that you got every time you were caught slouching as a teen? It turns out your mother was right; improved posture impacts the way you walk through the world, both the way others see you and the way you feel about yourself. Consistent Pilates training (as you all know) gives fantastic core strength and supports the development of a balanced body, but get this: When your posture is in alignment, you really can look up to five pounds slimmer. In just seconds, you can look and feel your best. Here’s how:


This is a simple and easy scan that you can do literally anywhere. This quick visualization practice has the added benefit of helping you let go of stress as you realign your body, and who doesn’t need that? Let’s mix it up and start from the top:

HEAD: Imagine balloons attached to the tips of your ears, assisting you as you lift and balance your head equally around the neck.

NECK: Visualize tiny air pockets making room and creating extra length between each of the bones of your spine helping you to greet the world at your full height.

COLLAR BONES: Shrug your shoulders and come to rest with the collar bones wide open. Imagine writing your full name across those collarbones. Be sure everyone can read who you are from across the room.

CHEST: Now that you’ve announced yourself, shine that proud chest and open heart for the world to see. Take a deep inhale and exhale.

(You’re nearly halfway there: Don’t sink or cave in to your ribs!)

SHOULDER BLADES: Feel the shoulders gently gliding and sliding down your back, toward your pelvis and away from the ears.

SPINE: As you breathe evenly and deeply, lengthen the spine and imagine creating more of those extra cushions of space between each of the vertebra.

RIB CAGE: Feel the ribs separate from the pelvis creating space at your sides and torso. Absorb that great feeling of length.

ABS: Lengthen up and in. The only time those abdominals should be fully released is when you are sleeping, so take care not to lead with your belly.

GLUTES: Release your booty into the lower body. There’s no need for squeezing or tucking here. Tensing means contracting, the opposite of length.

LEGS: Imagine you can peel away the layers of skin and muscle to reveal your bones. See them stack in an organized and solid manner. Feel your sitz bones (at the bottom of your pelvis) lengthening down to the heels. Create a grounding sense of weight in the legs, and feel those heavy bones making a firm foundation for you to walk through the world.

FEET: Spread the bones of your toes and feel the feet like roots of a tree going down to the earth. Become aware of each toe, the ball of the feet, and the heels firmly and evenly on the ground.

Finally, from that deep, grounded feeling, draw an imaginary line from the base of your spine to the top of your head. You are simultaneously grounded and lengthened. Feel those oppositional forces, and just like that, a willowy, winnowy, winsome you!

For a quick(er) posture check: in your car, on the bus, at your desk, focus on the top half of the scan, down to your seat, and notice how much taller you’ll be sitting in no time! Think posture scan as you greet each day for a taller, slimmer more confident you!

11 Responses to Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Seconds!

  1. Nic says:

    this was awesome! great way to describe perfect posture – I’ll do my best to remember it and put it to practice 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Great tips! I feel taller and thinner already.

  3. s says:

    I’m sitting up straight right now….great post, great posture!

  4. Carly says:

    This totally called me out… I was all hunched over my laptop when I started reading it… not any more though!

  5. Sharon says:

    This article put an end to my Wednesday morning slouch-a-thon. Great advice!

  6. Felice says:

    Great tips, Jen & Tracy! I’m feeling so willowy 🙂

  7. Brigit says:

    My mother would be proud – I’m sitting up straight in my chair! Thanks for the excellent advice.

  8. sam says:

    Tried it yesterday … I have to remember to do it everyday because it really helps!!!!!! (and my back hurts less too!)

  9. liz says:

    wonderful tip!!
    will save it and look at it as a reminder whenever checking my computer.

  10. Sally says:

    I feel better already!

  11. Susan Miller says:

    Thanks for the read…

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