It Won’t Be Winter Forever

by Tracy Campoli and Jennifer Farthing (a.k.a. The BuddhaBabes)

Here in the Northeast and in many other parts of the country, this winter has been brutal—with a capital B. Be-ruuuu-taaaal! Snow, rain, cold and more snow, rain, cold! This can easily lead even those with the best intentions straight to the couch to watch Netflix and eat bowls of spaghetti carbonara. (We BuddhaBabes are Italian, so maybe the carbonara is just us; replace with your carb-laden food of choice.)

It’s time to put your fork down and repeat after us, “It won’t be winter forever!” You can cover your body with warm clothing (turtlenecks, cords and thick down coats) for now but, very soon, spring will arrive and you’ll be ready to shed not just those layers of clothing, but perhaps a layer of winter 2011 as well. What to do? Well, what you shouldn’t do is freak out or drastically cut meals or be harsh on yourself. It is what it is, but now it’s time to move! Start your shedding right with our foolproof plan:

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio
We love Pilates for all that it does for us but, when you’re trying to lose a layer or two, you have to get up and sweat! But don’t bore yourself to tears on the treadmill! Find a fun way to work out or, even better, many fun ways to work it out. You might try a Zumba class and shake those pounds off, or take a swimming class, or try that hybrid Spinning/yoga class that you’ve been wanting to try. Make it interesting, but also make sure that you are exerting energy, and feeling your cold winter heart warming and working.

Clean it up (your diet that is!)
You are smart and savvy and know that eating junk makes you feel like junk. Avoid processed, sugary and chemical-ridden foods and even those seemingly healthy choices like energy bars and drinks. Keep it real, keep it clean and keep it green (veggies that is!). Eating loads of veggies, drinking tons of water and eating only real food (not things that come from boxes and bags) will make a huge difference. Really, when it comes down to it, being healthy is a lifestyle choice—pay attention to what makes your body feel and look its best. We’ll bet it isn’t rocky road ice cream!

Move of the month
When you are feeling a little muffin top seeping over your waistband, try this simple oblique exercise to target the waist and help you feel better fast. Will one move give you your dream body? Heck no! We wish! But incorporate this move three times per week into your cardio and Pilates routine, and it will help wake up those obliques and leave you feeling ready—and excited—for spring. You can thank us later.

Muffin Top Buster
Setup: Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet hip-width apart and your pelvis neutral. Cross your right ankle over your left knee and place your left hand behind your head, elbow wide open. Wrap your right hand around the right side of your waist, fingers pointing toward your belly.
1. Inhale to prepare.
2. Exhale and contract your abs. Lift your head and twist above your waist, rotating your left shoulder toward your right knee. Contract your obliques on your right side.
3. Inhale and lower to the starting position.
4. Do 10 repetitions on each side.
advanced: On the 10th repetition, stay lifted and pulse your torso up 10 times, deeply contracting your abdominals.

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