Train your staff!

By Ariel Hernandez

Studio owners—especially new owners—need to make sure that their staff is on the cutting edge of Pilates. Currently, I have eight Pilates trainers who work at my studio in Lake Mary, FL. I give my trainers continuing education and technique classes about every two months or so. And, I require them to take at least two of my classes a week. (At no charge, of course!)

Why, you ask?

It’s simple: Before I opened my studio, I knew I had to pinpoint exactly why I was so much busier than the other trainers at the places where I had taught. My goal was to make sure that my staff was just busy as I am.

When I opened my second studio seven years ago, I had to really stop and think about why my clients were following me from studio to studio. And why did they always want to take my class and my class only? Was it because…

…my trainers were not well trained? No.
…of a personality conflict? No.
…of a time issue? Maybe.

When I asked some of my longtime clients why they were so loyal to me, they said the biggest reason was that I seem to have “x-ray vision.” They said that I could see from across the room if someone was not in proper alignment or was not engaging the appropriate muscle for a particular exercise. That got my wheels turning.

I realized that I had to teach my trainers to truly understand Pilates. It’s not about remembering all of the exercises or sequences; it’s about understanding how each move affects every part of the body, why that’s important, and how you need to modify the move if a person has physical restrictions or needs. Pilates needs to be organic.

Continuing education and practice are essential for every trainer. It took me three years of focused study to realize what I call “the brilliance of Pilates.”

Do I sound crazy? Like a Pilates addict? Well, I am!

I love every facet of Pilates. To say that Pilates is for everyone is a huge understatement to me.

Next up: how to develop that x-ray vision. Be back soon!

One Response to Train your staff!

  1. Pilates for everyone is a great topic to explore! I’m actually making a documentary about Pilates right now!

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