Working Out and Dressing Up

July 28, 2009

By Kristin McGee

I have the coolest students. I am so lucky to teach Pilates all over the city and meet and work with such amazing people. Just last week after I taught my class at the Soho Equinox, I started chatting with a student from Australia. Naturally the conversation came around to the fact that I’M GETTING MARRIED IN FIVE MONTHS! And it just so happens that she is also recently engaged and she had a wonderful lead on some beautiful dresses and gave me the link: As we kept talking, we also discovered that my wedding date is on her birthday! We couldn’t believe it. Her wedding is in April so she has bit more time to pick out her perfect dress.

After a private session, I taught on the Upper East Side a few days later, I passed by a wedding gown store called Atelier Aimee, on Park Avenue. The dresses in the window were stunning and I had to ring the bell and walk inside just for a peek. I know these dresses are way beyond my budget, but I thought I’d at least ask what one of my favorites came in at.

This is E28 from Eve of Milady, which a student recommended to me.

This is E28 from Eve of Milady, which a student recommended to me.

The lovely clerk, Marni, said it was about $6,000. Wow! Six grand is a lot of money, but for handmade dresses from Italy that are one of a kind, it wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting. I told her my wedding date, though, and she nearly fainted. She said brides who are getting married in December 2010 have already bought their dresses and that I should get a move on. I am going back in for an appointment next week to try on some of the dresses. If nothing else, I’ll have an idea of my perfect fantasy dress and maybe I can have someone make it for me here in the States or hit the lotto and buy a gown at If I happen to really want something from there (and can take out a loan), then I have to decide, like, yesterday in order for them to have it made.
Once I posted my first blog, one of my favorite long-distance students who does my DVDs and who I connected with via internet, emailed me immediately and gave me a link to her favorite wedding designer: She also said E28 would be an incredible dress for me. I almost cried when I received her email because of her incredible support for me and the fact that she is helping me out even though we’ve never ever met in person. I feel like she is my sister in a sense.

In my familial birth order, I am the middle girl between two boys, and I have to admit as much as I love having my hair and makeup done for photo shoots, I am quite the tomboy. I run around the city in workout gear all day long and usually wear my hair back in a ponytail. I live for the weeks when I’m camping with my dad (we did two weeks white-water rafting on the Grand Canyon last summer). Don’t be horrified, but I can go for days without washing my hair and live in the same T- shirt and flannel and rinse my undies in the nearest river. But that’s when I’m camping. Right now, I have to focus and to find the dress of my dreams. (Oh, am I obsessing?) I am too practical, and I’ve given up dress shopping for work or my own workouts and classes to become a better and better teacher.

I have five months now before the big day. It’s time to really pretend I’m a princess and I need to pamper myself a bit more (something that’s actually hard for me to do). I need all the help I can get. I appreciate the advice I’ve had so far from my students and friends, and I have a few pseudo-sisters in Manhattan who are waiting for me to pick a day to go to Kleinfelds so they can help me try on dresses. I will keep you posted and I’ll try and bring my digital camera with me so you can vote on or help me decide on the ideal dress. Or send me your suggestions! Post your comments here and I will get them—and respond to every one of you. Thanks for sharing in this journey!